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Friday, July 30

Dig Diary

Hello everyone!

For our first posts what we are going to do is relay our diary that is published weekly in the local Chester Chronicle newspaper.

We thought it would be a good idea for those not fortunate enough to live close to the action, or are unable to get the paper.

So here is the diary that was published a couple of weeks ago, it was actually witten for the week beginning 12/07. We'll post the latest edition in the next few days.

Well it’s been an eventful week down at the excavations. Anyone wandering past the site last Tuesday or Wednesday would have noticed an 8.5 meter high scaffold tower being put up and taken down with great aplomb. You may even have seen one or two worried looking characters at the top clinging to the handrail with one hand and rattling off photographs with the other. This was all aimed at getting some good birds eye views of the excavations at the end of our first months digging. In summary much of our efforts to date have concentrated on the re-excavation of the area close to the arena wall that was partially investigated in the 1960’s, and the removal of 19th and 20th century garden soils from the trench being excavated adjacent to St. John’s church.

Saturday marked the advent of
National Archaeology Day, which this year was held at the amphitheatre. Those of you brave enough to weather the torrential rain (or optimistic enough to believe that it couldn’t last) would have been treated to a range of entertainments including guided tours of the excavations by an archaeologist, displays of some of the more interesting artefacts already recovered from the excavations and a range of activities for all the family in the blue and white stripped marquee tent. The crowning attraction was of course our troop of gladiators who with the aid of gallons of theatrical blood recreated some of the more gory spectacles likely to have taken place in Chester’s arena. It was actually rather disturbing to note how many of our mild mannered visitors (young and old) rapidly descended into a frenzied mob baying for the blood of the defeated combatants – have we really changed that much?

Those of you crossing the walkway on Sunday would have seen three rather exhausted looking archaeologists chipping away at one of three large tree stumps in the trench by St. John’s church. Although, this is a pursuit not often associated with archaeology these stumps are in the way of our excavations and need to be removed carefully to limit the disturbance to the underlying remains (and no, a JCB isn’t the right tool for the job!) – So one down, two to go!

Till next time keep watching the developments on our web-cam.

Dan & Tony

Hope you enjoyed our first post, we hope to bring you lot's more over the coming months!

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