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Welcome to the official Blog of the Chester Amphitheatre Project.

Tuesday, June 15

Welcome to the Chester Amphitheatre Project Blog

I know for a start that there will be quite a few people asking "what's a blog?"

Blog is a term taken from a shortening of the term weB LOG. A web log is a internet version of the good old diary, they allow people to post regular bits of information up on the web for everyone to see - quickly and extremely easily.

The idea for using them for this project is to allow some of the archaeologists to post their thoughts and findings on here as the excavations progress at the Amphitheatre site.

This will hopefully allow for more frequent and up to date news being published than we are currently able to provide.

As you wait for the first posts have a look at the archaeologists at work via our live webcam.

posted by Anthony at 14:03



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I be the first to wish the project team good luck!

This is a really exciting project - what a shame there wasnt this amount of goodwill and common sense in the 60's when the scandal of the Grovesnor Centre (which destroyed the Roman baths for ever)took place.


9:02 PM, June 17, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure you will find something interesting down there
. The site has so much history.
I think the team in the 60's found pre-historic flints etc.
Get prepared for some surprises ! - Webmaster

11:15 PM, June 19, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I was there digging with you! I spent two very happy seasons there in 2002 and 2003: I got muddy, wet, cold, sunburnt, hot, aching and exhausted - and loved every minute of it! I know what hard work it is for the archaeologists - and how rewarding it can be.

I'll be watching your progress with great interest all summer - even from my own dig on the Turkish/Syrian border during August, thanks to the Internet!


5:23 PM, June 21, 2004  

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