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Thursday, June 14

Grosvenor Park: The Latest Thoughts from Trench III:

This trench was positioned to pick up the line of a large Roman ditch found when the nearby housing development was constructed in the 1990's. This ditch, of unknown function, contained the skeleton of a middle-aged woman. Carbon 14 dating confirmed that she died in the Roman period.

We have recently found another Roman ditch on a different alignment. It is about 3 metres wide. We have also found another ditch which may be Medieval. We don't yet understand the purpose of these features, but they may represent a long-standing boundary within the eastern suburb of the Roman and Medieval town.

In this trench we found:

A 17th century lead cloth seal. These seals often have marks that identify where the cloth was made but this example is badly worn and no mark can be seen. The initials ' NG' have not be been identified so far. The seals were attached to bales of cloth and were a form of quality control.

The lead cap for a gun powder holder. Each holder would have held enough powder for a single shot. The holders were attached to a bandolier worn across the soldier's chest.

A beer bottle marked 'Quellyn Roberts & Co Ltd Chester ' on the front and 'West Kirby' on the back. Until recently Quellyn Roberts was a well known Chester wine merchants but in the early 20th century they also sold beers and cider as well as wine and fine champagnes and had shops in West Kirby on the Wirral and Wilmslow.

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