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Wednesday, July 18

Chester Amphitheatre: National Archaeology Week 2007 ...

July saw the return of gladiators and soldiers to Chester's Roman Amphitheatre. As part of National Archaeology Week Chester City Council's Archaeological Service hosted a fun packed event with a variety of entertaining and educational attractions.

The stars of the day were the Deva Victrix Leg XX v.v re-enactment group who entertained the crowds with bouts of fierce gladiatorial combat and displays of military prowess ...

and this year, for the first time, the Roman Army brought their Egyptian dancing girls!

copyright: P.A. Winker

There was the opportunity to see some of the fascinating finds from not only the Amphitheatre but also from this seasons excavation in the Grosvenor Park!

Try your hand at uncovering the past with the 'Jigsaw Dig' ...

Watch a fascinating flint knapping demonstration ...

and have your own artefacts identified by the Portable Antiquities Officer, seen here with Christine Russell, MP for Chester.

More images from National Archaeology Day will be online soon, so do watch this space.

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