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Monday, June 21

Website updates

Quite a few updates to the site to quickly tell you about:

Some early information about finds at the site.

Updates on the work on the trenches

Get Involved section information added

The first Chester Amphitheatre Project Newsletter released and ready for download in PDF format.

posted by Anthony at 11:17



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is excellent - I regularly keep watch on what's going on at the dig - they seem to be working incredibly hard in some very hot weather!

When are we going to have some messages from the Archaeologists themselves..a daily diary of just what is going on would be very interesting for us amateur diggers!

Carl Johnson, Carlisle

12:19 PM, June 21, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about a news update? Nothing new has been posted on the website since 22nd June - a lot of exciting things must have happened since then! I can see the trenches getting deeper on the webcam, but it's frustrating not to know what's appearing in them.

And is anything going on behind the walkway?

I can't get to Chester as often as I would like, so take pity on your armchair supporters and don't keep us in the dark.

6:22 PM, July 02, 2004  

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