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Tuesday, August 1

M&S Money Join Forces with the Archaeologists to Unearth Chester's History

M&S Money staff offered their services to help the archaeologists working on Chester’s Amphitheatre excavation, as a key part of their company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Several M&S Money employees assisted the professional archaeologists in excavating and recording areas of the site in order to find out more information about its fascinating Roman and pre-historical past.

Community Archaeological Officer, Jane Hebblewhite said “The work we do is on behalf of the community. This is everyone’s archaeology. Working with another major contributor to local life has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved and ultimately to the community whose past we’re entrusted to investigate. The interest and enthusiasm that M&S Money staff have shown when working with us has been very much appreciated”.

M&S Money Manager, Fiona Gallagher said “the team and I wanted to get involved with something that would enable us to give something back to Chester as well as giving us a chance to work as a team in a different environment. All of this we achieved as well as getting a better understanding and appreciation for archaeology and the Chester Amphitheatre.

Left to right: M&S Money Programme Office Team - Hazel Williams, Fiona Gallagher, Helen Sturmer, Tryfan Prosser, Jeanette O'Brien and Kelly Wright, and Chester City Council's Community Archaeological Officer - Jane Hebblewhite (right foreground)

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