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Friday, May 18

Chester Amphitheatre Project 2007 ...

Chester Amphitheatre Project is an important part of Chester Renaissance - the plan to establish Chester as a must-see European city.

At its hub is the 2000 year old Roman Amphitheatre; the current focus of a major archaeological investigation by Chester City Council and English Heritage. So far this has involved three successful years of excavation (2004-2006) and a landscape assessment exploring links between the Amphitheatre and other parts of the Amphitheatre Park, including St John's Church, the riverside and city walls.

Although no Amphitheatre excavations are happening at present there is much activity taking place behind the scenes. Archaeologists are busily occupied in detailed post- excavation work; examining the many exciting finds and artefacts from the last few years. You can see some of these at the Chester Visitor Centre (Vicar's Lane, Chester) or at the Grosvenor Museum (27, Grosvenor Street, Chester.)

The results of the archaeological investigations were the subject of major public consultations in 2006 to help shape plans for protecting and interpreting the long term future of the Amphitheatre. The City Council and English Heritage are working closely to develop a viable and sensitive scheme that not only tells the Amphitheatre's unique story but preserves its legacy for generations to come.

In the meantime you can see archaeologists at work in Grosvenor Park and enjoy a series of events in the Amphitheatre:

Living History Events 2007

The DEVA VICTRIX Roman Military Display Team

Experience the Roman heritage of Chester and Britain during the first century AD as a unit of Roman legionnaires march through Chester and camp at the amphitheatre. You will discover soldiers, civilians and even gladiators, brought to you by Roman Tours Ltd.

Venue: City Centre & Chester Amphitheatre
June 10 & 30
July 1, 14, 15, & 21
August 19
September 9
10:00am - 4:00pm (except September 11:00 - 4:00)

National Archaeology Days 2007:
Come and celebrate National Archaeology Week at the amphitheatre which will be brought to life by some spectacular Roman gladiatorial combat and military display. There will be an opportunity to talk to the archaeologists about discoveries at the amphitheatre, have your finds identified and take part in a number of hands-on activities.

July 14 & 15
10:30 - 4:00pm


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