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Wednesday, August 9

Results from the 3D Laser Scan of the Roman Footprints

As you know the excavation has recently revealed deposits associated with the building of the first amphitheatre and the impressions of footprints pressed in to the pre-Roman ground surface. We commissioned Birmingham Archaeology to undertake a 3D laserscan of these footprints to make a permanent record and as promised here are the results.

The scanner produced a 3D 'point-cloud' showing the shape of the footprints and a full colour 'texture-map' of the surface. The footprints show that a child or small adult walked barefoot across the site before the amphitheatre was built.

Images: Paul Burrows, Birmingham Archaeology / HP VISTA

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Anonymous Christine West Flinders University, South Australia said...

I have been doing a research project on Chester and have found the CAP site incredibly fascinating and useful. I have a 'small please do if you can' and that is to enter the year on site pages. Instead of August 9, please use August 9 2007 or whatever.

Cheers and good luck

Christine West
Bachelor of Archaeology student
Flinders University South Australia

12:20 AM, November 14, 2007  
Blogger Cheryl Quinn said...

Hello Christine,

I'm so pleased that you have found the CAP site both fascinating and useful.

The date you mention is created automatically by the blogsite itself and I have no way of changing this setting. BUT I will keep your request in mind and next time I post a comment I will include the year in the title.Hope this is of help.

1:39 PM, January 03, 2008  

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