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Monday, June 25

Grosvenor Park: The Latest Thoughts from Trench II ...

We have recently discovered a large circular pit towards the centre of trench. The original function of the pit is still unknown, though it may have served as a cess-pit. It is more than 1.2m deep and was clearly backfilled with domestic rubbish once it had gone out of use; amongst this material is pottery dating to the 15th or 16th century, which suggests that the pit is contemporary with the large timber building we have found traces of in the northern part of the trench.

An area of cobbling has been partly uncovered in the south western part of the trench. It is too early to be certain but this may be part of a Roman road running across the trench from west to east; the central portion has been removed by the large pit described above and we will have to uncover more of the suspected road on the eastern side of the trench before we can be certain of our interpretation.

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