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Friday, July 23


I'd just like to bring to your attention the proper address for the Chester Amphitheatre Project website, because there are loads of different combinations - some which won't work as well as others.

The main address we use for promotions is this is just an easy to remember media friendly address. It links directly too... - this is the proper address to use really and is the direct link to the main page of the site.

These are the two addresses that you should use for accessing the site, or if you are telling people about the site etc etc.

You might notice that you end up at a few variations, which are 'legacy' addresses from the past. When the site was first launched it was at - a mouthfull if ever there was one! So we moved to the current position. Unfortunately people discovering the site through Google are still directed here.

There are a couple of problems with this:

First, although there is a version of the site there, it isn't up to date at all...


Second, we are in the process of phasing out the domain in favour of just, and it will stop working in the not too distant future!

So basically if you are visiting, or linking to, us make sure you use either or

Thank You!

posted by Anthony at 14:57



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As my girlfriend is working on the site and keeps telling me of updates, I've been a little puzzled by the lack of new info recently, but by luck I typed in the URL instead of using my bookmarked page and found this message explaining why I haven't seen much new content!

How about replacing the old entry pages with a message and a link to the proper URL? This will ensure that people get to the up-to-date content and will also ensure that the new content is indexed by Google etc. as they will follow the link from that page and index it all at the next catalogue update. It's far quicker to get indexed this way than to submit the new URL to the search engines.

3:07 PM, July 25, 2004  

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