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Monday, August 23

It's been a while

It has been a while since I've had much to post (mainly due to the appalling weather!), but at least you've been kept entertained by Dan and Tony's Dig Diary!

Anyway there have been quite a few updates over the last couple of days:

Issue 4 of the Project Newsletter has been released for download.

There are some updates on how the different areas are coming along. Also the section has been shuffled around to accommodate it's ever growing amount of info. You can now access Area A, Area B and Area C individually.

There's a small story about the recent visit to the site by the Mersey and Dee Young Archaeologist Club.

There are pages from our resident artists - Julia Midgley and David Heke. With some excellent examples of their work.

And finally there is the usual mass of new finds. I have got more but I've decided to drip them out because there are so many. For now have a look at the nine medieval and post-medieval examples.

You may also notice that the main navigation bar has changed. I decided that the finds section was so large now that it deserved a heading all of it's own. Therefore I've moved "the team" section into "the work".

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