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Monday, October 18

Finishing Up

Finally we are getting summaries and finishing data from the extensive digs over the summer months.

In the next day or two you can expect to see some some detailed and fascinating information appearing on the main site!

However to keep you going for a few hours here is the answer to the question one of you posed about what's happening during the "putting to bed" of the amphitheatre site:

"The first season of excavation was completed at the end of September and both trenches have now been covered for the winter. We have backfilled the deepest holes and protected the more unstable Roman walls with sandbags. In addition, the whole site has been covered with 'Terram', a semi-permeable membrane to minimise frost and rain damage."

So that explains why it looks like a bit like a Christmas card on the webcam...

(We are planning to move the camera to give a more overall view of the Site during the winter months.)

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