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Friday, September 1

and now the end is near ...

Today marks the end of the third and final successive season of excavation at the amphitheatre. In comparison to the previous two summers the archaeology has been very subtle and has involved a lot of painstaking work by both our professional staff and the multitude of students and volunteers we have had helping out along the way. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work through one of the hottest (and driest) summers on record - I think the results speak for themselves!

I think a brief mention should also be given to all the budding cake makers that surpassed themselves this year! Particularly, Jess for the best dressed cake, Fiona for the most ingenious cake, Alex and Julie for lashings of chocolate cakes, David V for the 'starter for 10' cake (that got the whole baking thing going) and Dave M for the beginners luck cake that stole the show!

Lets see where the amphitheatre goes from here ...

Dan Garner, Site Director

posted by Cheryl Quinn at 12:39


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