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Wednesday, October 4

So that's what they look like ... :o)


We thought that you might like to see the 2006 site photograph of the Core Team ably assisted by (some) of our stalwart volunteers.

1. Dan Co-Director 2. Rob Site Assistant 3. Jason Site Assistant 4. Dave Site Assistant 5. Jane Chester City Council 6. Gill Chester City Council 7. Ian Chester City Council 8. Ken Site Supervisor 9. Fiona Volunteer 10. Alex Volunteer 11. Claire Environmental Assistant 12. Charlotte Volunteer 13. Julie Chester City Council 14. Alison Chester City Council 15. Mike City Archaeologist, Chester City Council 16. Liz Volunteer 17. Peter Carrington Chester City Council 18. George Site Assistant 19. Gary Volunteer 20 Andy Site Assistant

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THE Amphitheatre Conference 2007: speakers confirmed

Public Lecture: Friday 16th February 2007

Prof. Kathleen Coleman, Harvard College Professor and Professor of Latin, Harvard University: Arena of Conflict:
Facts, Myths, and Speculation About Gladiatorial Combat in Ancient Rome


Conference: Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th February 2007

A total of 18 papers will cover many aspects of amphitheatre studies and the whole Roman Empire.

Confirmed speakers include:

Dan Garner Chester City Council, Co-Director Chester Amphitheatre Project &
Tony Wilmott English Heritage, Co-Director Chester Amphitheatre Project:
The Chester Amphitheatre Excavations 2004-2006

Prof. Michael Fulford University of Reading:
The Silchester Amphitheatre

R. Duran, A. Morillo Cerdan Universidad de León:
Recent Work on Spanish Amphitheatres

T. Hufschmid Bauhütte Römisches Theater von Augst:
Theatre and Amphitheatre in Augst

T. Jones McMaster University, Canada:
Seating, Spectacle, and the Social Hierarchy in the Roman Empire

R. Lafer Universität Klagenfurt, Austria:
What Can the Inscriptions Tell Us About Spectacles? ...
The Example of Africa Proconsularis

C.Sebastian Sommer Bayerisches Lansdesamt für Denkmalpflege:
Amphitheatres of Auxiliary Forts on the Frontiers

S Jilek Österreichisches Akademie der Wissenschaften:
The Amphitheatres of Carnuntum

D. Bomgardner Elstree School:
A Day in the Life of Chester Amphitheatre

Prof M. Beard University of Campbridge:
Title to be confirmed

F. Kanz Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut and
K. Grosschmidt Medizinische Universität, Wien:
Epheseus Gladiator’s Cemetery ...

So do watch this space for more details ...

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