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Chester Amphitheatre Project Blog


Welcome to the official Blog of the Chester Amphitheatre Project.

Tuesday, June 22

Yet more updates

Taking advantage of the fine weather this morning we took the opportunity to take several photographs of the work so far.

Also you can now find information about the Amphitheatre Interpretation Centre, that is based on the first floor of the Chester Visitor Center, opposite the Amphitheatre site.

Thank you to those of you that have posted comments here so far, it's always good to hear what you think. We are hoping to have the archaeologists posting very soon, they are currently having technical difficulties at their new site office, but we've been assured these will be sorted very soon.

So keep checking back!

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Monday, June 21

Website updates

Quite a few updates to the site to quickly tell you about:

Some early information about finds at the site.

Updates on the work on the trenches

Get Involved section information added

The first Chester Amphitheatre Project Newsletter released and ready for download in PDF format.

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Friday, June 18

Webcam Position

You've probably already noticed but we've just spent the last half an hour adjusting the webcam into a slightly different position.

All we've done is zoom into the area of work a bit more closely, which should hopefully give you a better idea of the work that is going on at the Site.

It will be moved around more as the work changes throughout the dig.

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Tuesday, June 15

Welcome to the Chester Amphitheatre Project Blog

I know for a start that there will be quite a few people asking "what's a blog?"

Blog is a term taken from a shortening of the term weB LOG. A web log is a internet version of the good old diary, they allow people to post regular bits of information up on the web for everyone to see - quickly and extremely easily.

The idea for using them for this project is to allow some of the archaeologists to post their thoughts and findings on here as the excavations progress at the Amphitheatre site.

This will hopefully allow for more frequent and up to date news being published than we are currently able to provide.

As you wait for the first posts have a look at the archaeologists at work via our live webcam.

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