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Thursday, September 30

Updates Coming Soon!

I know a lot of you are waiting for some more news from the site, and I've been promised a comprehensive update for early next week!

This should include more finds news as well as summaries of the extensive work carried out over the summer months.

Apologies for the recent lack of news, as you can imagine the last few weeks of the dig were very hectic with everyone working hard to finish their work before the close, so time to collect and distribute information has been limited.

(also some of us have been on much needed sunny holidays - ahem :o)

posted by Anthony at 11:36



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've all missed the updates over the last few weeks and I'm sure it will feel like a long time until things start again next year...
Looking at the web-cam, things are starting to get covered... can you kindly explain the process of putting the site to bed for the winter? Thanks

10:42 AM, October 04, 2004  

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